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Barlens Structure Solutions are specialists in designing and installing any structure solution to meet your specified needs. From bespoke, elegant multi-level glass and avant-garde clad structures for retail and hospitality to Industrial warehouses that can cover everything from plant or equipment to large aircrafts and everything in-between.

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Barlens have been an exclusive supplier to the GIANTS in Canberra for many years now, during this time they have continually adapted the custom marquee to fit a specific space at UNSW Canberra Oval. This marquee is in place for six months of the year and plays host to our exclusive VIP’s of the club. The marquee is designed for the optimal viewing experience and acts as the best place to view the game as it enables guests to still be amongst the great atmosphere. Thank you Barlens.

Jack Masters / Head Of Canberra Operations
GWS Giants