Temporary, Permanent and Semi Permanent Outdoor Structures

Barlens Structure Solutions have the experience and facilities to plan and install the perfect temporary structures to meet your custom requirements across the ACT, NSW, VIC & QLD.

Semi Permanent Structure Solutions for Any Application

If you are looking to create a temporary space that offers both visual appeal and unique functionality,

our in-house design and construction capabilities enable us to provide custom temporary buildings and semi-permanent structures that can be adapted to meet your specific demands and installed just about anywhere.

Our warehouse also has an extensive range of structures available, so we’re always prepared to activate rapid development structures. Additionally, we’re able to meet all size requirements at a very competitive price. Contact us today to get started with your next temporary structure.

Why Choose Semi-Permanent Buildings?

Large Spanning Capabilities – If you require coverage of a large expanse with uninterrupted space below, semi-permanent structures are lightweight and utilise strategically designed frames to cover large areas without the need for obstructive support beams and poles.

Fast and Cost-Effective Installation – With little groundwork preparation required, it’s substantially faster and more cost-effective to install and construct temporary structures than the traditional alternatives.

Endless Design Options – Experiment with style and shape, colour, signage, lighting and more to get the exact space to fit your needs. Heavy-duty flooring can be included, as well as pedestrian or vehicle access doors and interior partitioning.

Discuss Your Requirements with Us Today

Whatever your vision and needs, we will customise your semi-permanent buildings & temporary industrial buildings to your specific requirements. Let Barlens Structure Solutions deliver an expertly designed structure to support your business or commercial event concept today. Call us today on 0488 275 367 or enquire online now.


HTS TentiQ and Barlens Structure Solutions have had many years of association dating back to 1965. Regarding the best-designed structure in the world with Germain design, technology, and manufacturing, Barlens look no further than HTS TentiQ, the best product available, resulting in high-quality and durability for every client’s needs.


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