PatioMist Cooling Fan


The PatioMist Cooling Fans, a pioneering innovation in misting technology, dispense with the high-pressure pump module. PatioMist Cooling Fan achieve rapid and effective cooling by directing water from an attached storage tank onto a high-speed stainless-steel disc.


  • The PatioMist Cooling Fans represent an innovative breakthrough in misting system technology. Unlike traditional systems that rely on high-pressure pumps to generate the fine mist required for effective cooling, these fans have a unique approach. They utilize a built-in water reservoir with a 70-liter capacity to supply water to a high-speed stainless-steel disc. Spinning at high speeds, the disc creates millions of fine water droplets, cooling the air with a refreshing breeze.
  • Moreover, PatioMist Cooling Fans directs any larger droplets that don’t evaporate immediately back into the water storage tank, recycling them for continued use. This design ensures that floors and surfaces remain dry, eliminating any concerns about excess moisture. It’s a highly efficient system for reducing ambient temperatures quickly, making it an ideal choice for hot summer days. Additionally, PatioMist Cooling Fan method has the added benefit of reducing the presence of flies and other flying insects.
  • PatioMist Cooling Fan itself measures 650mm, which is important because larger fans are more effective at distributing mist over a wider area. It offers three fan speed settings, which users can adjust using controls located on the side of the fan motor, behind the fan cage. Furthermore, the fan features an adjustable oscillation feature, allowing it to cover expansive areas, or users can set it in a fixed position to target a specific region.
  •  When hiring the 650mm portable PatioMist Cooling Fan version, it arrives in three separate boxes, making it easier to transport and set up.

In summary, the PatioMist Cooling Fans offer a convenient and effective cooling solution with a large water tank, fine mist generation, and user-friendly controls, making them a great choice for hot weather.

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  • Complete with a 70 litre water tank.
  • Fan size: 650mm.