Summer Lush Rolls 4m X 25m


Premium Landscaping Projects, Exhibitions and Events, Temporary Usage, Around Swimming pools, Kids Play Areas

Roll Size: 4m wide, length 25m.

Infill Type: Washed dried silica sand or ZeoFillâ approx. 6kg-10kg per sqm
ZeoFillâ use to cool the yarn and absorb ammonia (Odour from dog urine)

Yarn Type: Straight Yarn (Polyethylene) and Curly Yarn (Polypropylene)

Test Reports: SGS, ISO, ROHS

Yarn Height: 35mm +/- 5%

Yarn Shape: W Shape

Stitch Rate: 16800

Dtex: 14,000

Backing: PP + PP + Black LATEX Glue

*Contact sales team for pricing.