Climate Structures
28 Jul 2020

Beat the frost

The climate can have a big impact on your business, some thrive in cooler weather where as some struggle each winter to stay afloat. Winter can have a massive effect on your revenue, but does it have to?

We know that people’s habits change, they prefer to stay inside a climate controlled room, avoiding the elements at all costs. The benefit to knowing this ahead of time means that we can prepare for it, potentially gearing you towards an all year round styled business.

Some situations in which a business might struggle during winter could include:

  1. Outdoor and uncovered swimming pools, these amenities are often avoided as swimming lessons and rehab classes are moved to indoor venues for comfort.
  2. Restaurants with outdoor dining areas may see people refusing to sit outside on evenings where a gas heater just won’t cut it. Moving customers inside results in decreasing your patron capacity and in return your ability to make money.
  3. Weekend markets often suffer during the winter period as only the truly dedicated customers commit to waking up a 6am to defrost their car before strolling around the open aired stalls.

While these are only a few examples of businesses that could potentially be effected by the cooler weather, we understand that the impact is much greater, spanning across a large variety of businesses and industries as a whole.

This is where we come in. Structures can be installed to combat this issue and increase your ability to generate revenue in the cooler weather.

Some examples of how Barlens Structure Solutions can help include:

  1. Transforming an outdoor and uncovered pool area to an indoor facility by installing a custom structure directly over your space. This can be designed to have adequate ventilation to accommodate the pool and chemical requirements and even have a heating system installed to keep the temperature outside of the water comfortable. The structure itself will act as a wind break and also reduce frost.
  2. Transforming and outdoor area to a fully enclosed space with a marquee only expands your ability to comfortably host your venues full capacity. The marquee can be designed to fit you specifications and integrate into the design of your venue with either white or clear vinyl or a hard shell design. The additional bonus to this fit out is that the structure could become an all year round design where you simply have the walls removed during summer but still have a roof to as a sun break.
  3. In the instance that you are not able to move the markets to a warehouse space, you can remain in your current location and simply hire out marquees to your vendors, or even design a large structure that fills the space and accommodates everyone, guests and traders.

Contact the team at Barlens Structure Solutions today to discuss how can assist your business during winter with a custom structure.