What to do when you've outgrown your space
29 Jul 2020

Too big for your boots?

As business booms, space shrinks. When you’re running out of space in your office, warehouse, workshop, showroom, classroom or shed, it’s time to get creative with a temporary structure.

Whether you need extra space for stock or people, we can custom design and build just about anything.

[And high-five on your business success, by the way!]

Hammer time

Temporary structures can offer you the added space you need to keep moving forward. And they’re fast, affordable alternatives while you consider your long-term needs.

We’ll work with you to see how you’ve outgrown your space. Then we will design a functional temporary or semi-permanent space to enable you to get on with making more sales.

Wasted space

Maybe you have extra space to fill – empty carparks or vacant land – that is sitting idle and being wasted. Why not erect a temporary floorspace, warehouse or display suite while you consider longer term plans, approvals and budgets?

Don’t be put off by the task at hand. We’re experts in designing and building safe and functional structures for your needs now.

Get agile

Businesses must respond to fluctuations with agility and at pace. Leave the traditional building options for later and invest in a temporary structure that will address your business demands now.

Remember, repurposing or moving temporary structures is much easier than project managing an extension or finding new space to lease away from your other operations.

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