Prepare your structures for the Christmas rush
07 Dec 2020

Leading up to the busyness of Christmas and early-2021 sales, many businesses are dealing with the challenges of meeting consumer demand. COVID-19 has pushed many to their limits, and impacted distribution channels and supplies.

To ramp up and expand to meet demand, consider a temporary, customised structure for a fast and convenient solution.

Meeting the production and distribution rush

Following a year of COVID-19 disruptions and lockdowns, Roy Morgan data has shown major increases in online shopping behaviour, and Christmas retail sales this year are projected to grow 2.8% to $54.3 billion.

This is great news for many organisations, but running out of space can be an issue.

If you need more accommodation capacity for production, offices, commercial warehousing or distribution, a customised structure might be the perfect option to help you meet the rush.

Temporary storage solutions

The rapid influx of parcels through Australia Post, StarTrack, Trans Direct, Shippit, DHL and other courier systems over this period is resulting in more casual hires, and often, more space is required to meet the increased number of packages. Again, this is great news for our economy, but the extra pressures can impact on worker safety and stress. Extra space may just alleviate the burden.

Our temporary, sturdy structures are quick and straightforward to put up. They offer flexibility, space, weatherproofing, and can be created to meet your exact needs. Layout, size, and options like cooling or heating, can all be customised.

Balancing supply and demand

The major interruptions to stock availability both in Australia and overseas are still affecting delivery times. Backlogs are clearing, but large volumes of supplies are also arriving faster than they can be distributed.

To manage these significant stock increases, a temporary warehouse can support manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to check, process and store stock in a systematic way.

Let us help you sort out your structures to meet demand. Call Barlens Structure Solutions today.