Quick Solutions for Emergency Structures
26 Jul 2020

Quick solutions for emergency structures

Emergency situations require quick decisions and reliable suppliers. This has become even more apparent, and necessary, in response to COVID-19 and the recent bushfire crisis.

In case of emergency

When it comes to establishing pop-up sites for clinics and testing, offices, basecamps or overflow facilities, Barlens Structure Solutions is ready to go with reliable temporary structures.

We know temporary structures need to be established quickly and without fuss. It’s also vital that they meet your immediate needs. At times of rapid change, structures shouldn’t slow you down.

A temporary structure gives you the flexibility to move, add, or modify your building or shelter as a back-up for excessive customer demand.

Similarly, if space unexpectedly runs out at your existing warehouse or office, a semi-permanent solution will mean business is not interrupted.

Reliable and experienced

Traditional building options can be far too expensive and timely during emergency situations.

We have experience establishing temporary structures for office spaces, rapid developments and workshops in rapid timeframes – with no fuss and no headaches.

Time matters

In an emergency situation, we’re your reliable partner to get you up and running asap.

With a number of fully stocked warehouses across the country, we’re ready to move with minimal notice. Our experience in bumping-in large events means our team know how to meet tight timeframes and get your teams operating quickly.

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