Save time and money
25 Jul 2020

Save time and money with a flexible structure solution

Traditional ways of working have changed. So too have business decisions about bricks and mortar buildings – for staffing, warehouse storage or retail display needs.

The alternative way forward are temporary or semi-permanent structures.

An agile investment

Now is the time for agility. We’re living in a period of rapid change, varying demands and workforce disruption.

When you’re looking for additional structure space, constructing or finding existing buildings is typically time-consuming and expensive.

A temporary structure can allow you the flexibility to move, add, or modify your building to meet the needs of your business or clientele.

Hiring a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent structure instead of the traditional brick and mortar buildings can support your agile approach – pivoting when you need to.

Temporary measures

COVID-19 has taught us to adapt. When you need a rapid strategy response – involving buildings – the traditional options just take too long. After design, approvals, quotes, build timeframes and fit out, your strategy may have changed!

Temporary, sturdy structures can be erected in substantially shorter timeframes. And shorter build times mean greater cost efficiencies.

Remember, when you engage Barlens Structure Solutions, you only need engage us. No need to involve or pay additional tradespeople.

Plans into action

We have multiple warehouses across Australia, so standard stock sizes for most builds are ready to go. This means we can bump-in with minimal notice.

If you need a custom solution, our local suppliers are ready to build or source structures on demand.

Get started by calling Barlens Structure Solutions today.