Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is the ideal way to make your big day a true reflection of who you are as a couple. While it’s easy to pick something that is on trend right now, your wedding theme should be more than just the latest social media fad, it should represent your individual taste and style and incorporate elements that make your day unique to you. For wedding party hire, Canberra couples have put their faith in Barlens since 1965. We understand that the right wedding party supplies are essential in creating a bespoke wedding theme that encapsulates your personality. If you’re having some difficulty picking a theme, here’s a few things to consider that might help you determine the perfect one for your big day.

Consider Your Personal Style

It’s essential to go for a theme that speaks to you and represents you and your partner, regardless of what other people recommend or what is trending at the time. Think about your favourite colours as a couple, take inspiration from your wardrobe and consider the décor of your home of the styling pieces you gravitate towards.

Once you have an understanding of colours you like, play around with different colour combinations and you will likely see a theme appear. These colours will help shape the rest of the design elements.

Does the Venue Inspire a Particular Theme?

Unless the venue you choose is a complete blank canvas, generally the place you choose for your ceremony and/or reception will set the scene for your special day. For example, if you plan to say ‘I do’ on the beach, that backdrop can inspire an ocean or nautical theme. If you are getting married in beautiful historic homestead, that can complement a classic or fairy tale theme. A country wedding inspires a rustic aesthetic, while a modern architecturally designed building is perfect for contemporary decor.

No matter your venue, you will always need to add extra special details which will define your style and make your day a true reflection of you both. 

Seasonal Inspiration

The season in which you hold your wedding can also play a role in setting the right theme. A spring wedding lends itself to delicate pastels and romantic florals, an autumn wedding is often inspired by rich, bold hues with rustic details and winter weddings are perfectly complemented by minimalist tones with a touch of glitter and glamour.

Consider the Dress Code

If you have a specific dress code in mind for your wedding, this can often be a great way to define the theme. A cocktail or black-tie event will create a high-end, upscale atmosphere perfect for an old Hollywood or classic, traditional wedding. A casual or semi-formal dress code will complement a country or garden wedding. It’s also important to think about how different themes will impact the dress code, a black-tie code may look out of place in a Boho beachside wedding.

What Are Some Common Wedding Themes?

Trends come and go, but it’s important to settle on a theme not just because it happens to be in fashion, but because it speaks to who you are as a couple. Here’s a few common themes that continue to resonate with engaged Australians year after year to help with your event planning.

The Rustic or Country Wedding - vintage and natural details blend seamlessly into this theme. Think lace, soft silhouettes, vintage and DIY design elements. Inspiration is taken from nature and the atmosphere is laid-back with a casual vibe.

A Princess Wedding – this is all about creating that perfect fairy tale moment. Dappled lighting, metallic accents, white roses, chandeliers, glamourous centrepieces and a black-tie dress code all contribute to a dreamy, romantic aesthetic perfect for Cinderella and Prince Charming.

A Contemporary Wedding - with clean lines and a minimalist colour palette, this theme is all about “less is more”. An edgy art gallery space or a crisp white marquee decorated with carefully curated furniture with simple statement pieces will make the perfect backdrop for a modern affair.

The Traditional Wedding – a timeless aesthetic with a personal touch. Traditional styling incorporates round tables with white linens and expensive silverware, floral arrangements of roses set in a classic ballroom or heritage inspired building.

Not sure which theme to choose? Choose colours and décor that both of you like and watch your theme come to life!

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