How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Celebration

How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Wedding Celebration

Whether you choose a band, a DJ, a string quartet or a combination of musical options, music can make or break a wedding so it’s vital to get it right. Having the right songs for each part of your day from walking down the aisle to walking out at the end of the evening, will make your day more meaningful and ensure it is memorable for all the right reasons. For all your wedding hire needs, you can rely on Barlens for a huge range of high-quality products and equipment at highly competitive rates. Read on for our tips for choosing the best wedding music for your big day.

Music Sets the Tone

A wedding day is all about the celebration of love and two lives coming together, so the music should reflect this. That isn’t to say that you should only pick love songs, however, you should focus on picking songs that reflect what you’d like your wedding day to feel like and usually that would be light, happy upbeat music. While different moments require a different tone of song, your music throughout the day should be complementary and give guests have the best possible experience listening and dancing along.

Check the Song Lyrics

While there may be a song that you and your partner love to sing and dance along to, it’s important to check the lyrics as you might find it isn’t actually wedding appropriate. With that being said, what type of songs are considered inappropriate for a wedding? Any overly sensual or ‘naughty’ songs should be avoided, as well as songs with overtly explicit or offensive lyrics and songs about break-ups or other sad topics!

Mix Up Genres

Your music of choice might be the latest club hits, but these songs may be unlikely to appeal to the older generations. When it comes to the dancefloor, if you really want to get everyone up and moving it’s important to choose party songs that appeal to all ages. Throw in some classic dance hits, some great songs to sing along to and a few crowd-pleasers that most people will now and love. One great way to appeal to everyone is to ask all your guests to include a song they love to dance to in their RSVP – your band or DJ can play these throughout the night when there’s a lull on the dancefloor.

Choosing Music for Different Stages of the Event

If you are unsure about the type of music should play at certain times throughout the event, your band or DJ will be able to guide you, however if you stick to songs that are meaningful to your relationship and consider the tempo of what usually works and when, your play list is likely to be a success.

Ceremony - Typically, you will require four main songs for your ceremony – one that plays while guests are being seated, just before the bride arrives. The second for walking down the aisle. The third is played as you sign the marriage certificate and the fourth tune plays as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple. You can choose any songs you like, however, generally the songs are sweet and down tempo often classical or love ballads, with the exception of the fourth song which is often a happy and celebratory tune. These songs are usually the most meaningful songs to the couple.

First dance – This is usually a song that is special to the couple, and usually has a tempo that is easy to slow dance to. If you are stuck for a song, start by looking at common musical genres that you both like, then go from there or if you are having professional dancing lessons, a teacher will be able to guide you into an appropriate song.

Reception – Usually the music starts off as ambient music played in the background while guests settle into to their tables, have their meals and enjoy each other’s company. Once the formalities are over, the party music kicks into gear. There's no better measure of a wedding's fun factor than a packed dance floor, so it’s essential to get the party mix right. It’s good idea to go for multi-generational music – songs that everyone knows and can bop to, catering to a wide variety of tastes.

Exit – This is the final song that is played as you leave your special day as a married couple, it plays as you say thank you and goodbye to your guests. Again, the song should be meaningful to your relationship, and it should be atmospheric and memorable.

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