How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

Winter is just around the corner and while it may not seem the ideal time to host an event, there’s no need to wait until the warmer months. From weddings, to outdoor parties, family gatherings or corporate functions, by using the right tent, you can make your event memorable and fun for all of your guests, no matter what mother nature throws at you. With our selection of outdoor tents for hire at Barlens, you can host the perfect event rain, hail or shine. We offer some of the best quality tents that you can find in NSW so here’s our best tips for choosing the right tent for your next event:

Consider The Event Space and Location

You will need to know how much space you have available to have a tent set up, this will determine both the size and style of tent you can hire. The space available needs to be free from obstructions, such as buildings, trees, fencing, and anything that is overhead and also needs to have a few feet of extra space to accommodate the tent stakes or weights. Is your event surface concrete or grass? On a concrete surface the tent can be secured with weights or barrels, but on a grass surface stakes will need to go into the ground. If this is the case, you need to check if your venue will allow for staking into the ground and if they will allow this, there should not be any hazards, such as electrical, gas, or water lines directly underneath the surface.

How Many Guest Will Be Attending the Event?

This is one of the most important things you’ll need to know in order to get the tent size right. Once you have determined this, you will also need to advise if you have other items that need space, such as additional tables for catering and gifts, a dance floor, a band or DJ area, and a bar or lounge area as these will need to be taken into consideration to allow for a comfortable layout and flow. If you can tell us the layout you wish to have that includes how the tables are set up and/or if you only require seating our team can help determine the perfect size tent for you.

What Type of Event Are You Hosting?

Is it a wedding, corporate function, or backyard party? Is it a cocktail function, sit down dinner or a dance party? The type of event that you are hosting is going to determine a suitable structure for the day or night. A small, intimate affair or backyard party will suit a smaller structure, such as a 6 metre tent with batwing gable. If hosting a large corporate or public event, you may want to consider a branded marquee to stand out from the crowd or if it’s a wedding you might want to up the wow factor with polished floors, ceiling drapery and a verandah.

Consider The Outside Elements

Tents come with or without sidewalls. If you decide to have sidewalls added, these help with keeping the wind, rain and cold outside maximising the comfort of your guests. Depending on the severity of outside weather conditions, you can determine how much or how little sidewall you want to put up, enclosing your tent. If the weather is nice, you can keep the breeze flowing through the tent by eliminating the sidewalls. There are multiple styles of sidewalls available including solid white, French arch, clear, or coloured.

No matter if your event is big or small, on a sprawling country property or in your own backyard, look no further than Barlens for the perfect tent hire. If you know exactly what you need or if you would prefer a little advice, our team is ready and waiting to help you make the right tent selection. Call us today or visit one of our two convenient locations in Canberra or Albury.

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