How to Host a COVID-Safe Christmas Celebration

How to Host a COVID-Safe Christmas Celebration

After a turbulent year of lockdowns, rules and restrictions, most of us are eager to plan a fun end of year Christmas celebration. While COVID-19 has thrown the world into chaos and has forced us to do things a little differently to pre-pandemic times, you can still throw a big bash and have a toast to surviving the last year – just in a COVID-safe way. Barlens is the party hire supplier trusted for providing high quality, affordable tents hire as well as the furniture, lighting, décor and accessories needed to put on a memorable event. Here we will explore a few things you can do to ensure your Christmas party is as COVID-safe as possible.

Social Distancing

Social or physical distancing is a critical component of controlling the spread of COVID within our community. When it comes to parties and events, you must ensure you pick a venue that allows for space, fresh air and ventilation. While most venues will guide you in the number of patrons that are permitted in a space, it’s important that you understand the capacity limits and ensure your guests RSVP (and stick to it!) so that you don’t have more people than you intended show up on the day.

Opt for Outdoors

To ensure you allow for sufficient social distancing, you should also consider the size and location of your party. If you are unable to find a venue that will accommodate having all guests in the same area and suitably distanced, you could think about having multiple smaller events or hosting an outdoor event this year.

Outdoor venues such as parks, beaches, gardens, rooftop spaces and open-air terraces can make excellent Christmas party venues, but sometimes the weather has other ideas. This is where marquees hire comes in – marquees and tents are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can be customised to suit large and small events. The walls can be removed to allow for natural ventilation whilst keeping guests protected from the hot summer sun or a sudden rain shower.

Make Cleanliness and Sanitation a Priority

We are all used to the concept of washing and sanitising our hands but sometimes it’s easy to forget, especially after a few well-deserved end of year drinks. Ensure the party space is clean and sanitised before the event starts, and arrange for surfaces to be cleaned and sanitised throughout the duration of the party. Another great idea is to have hand sanitiser stations throughout the venue and appropriate signage around the space to give guests a subtle reminder that hygiene is still a top priority.

Providing branded or personalised hand sanitisers and even masks for the taxi trip home are a fun and practical Christmas gift idea that you can give to guests; these little details will go a long way to ensure everyone feels safe to celebrate together.

Avoid Sharing

Christmas parties are often stand-up cocktail events, buffets or barbeques, and often guests may have to touch multiple glasses, plates and utensils and serve from shared platters throughout the day or night. In 2021, it’s best to avoid the sharing of food, drinks, plates, cutlery and glassware, and any form of catering where guests have to touch communal items, multiple times. Move away from the shared style of catering and choose a sit-down event, in which people use their designated cutlery and eat a plated meal served directly to them. Another great tip is to utilise glass charms or labels so that every guest knows which glass is theirs.

The end of this year is definitely something to celebrate, especially for those in NSW and Victoria as they exit a long and tedious lockdown. Christmas celebrations are a great way to reconnect and relax, and get together as work mates, teams and friends, after such a stressful and tumultuous year, but it’s important to remember that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and steps must be taken to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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