How to Plan a Wedding Quickly

How to Plan a Wedding Quickly

Whether you're newly engaged and eager to walk down the aisle, or you have had your nuptial plans upended by COVID-19, you might be looking to plan your wedding in a shorter time frame than the standard year or two. The good news is, it's totally possible to plan a wedding in just a few months, it just takes an organised and decisive mindset. Barlens have been helping couples with premium wedding marquee hire and wedding party supplies since 1965. We’ve been a part of so many weddings throughout Canberra and surrounds, so here we will share some of our tips on how to successfully plan a wedding in a matter of months (or even weeks).

Be Flexible with Your Date

Popular dates including public holidays, and days (Saturdays) are often booked out years in advance. Look at your calendar and determine any dates that you absolutely can’t have, such as a family member’s milestone birthday or a pre-planned holiday and go from there. If you have your heart set on a particular day or date, it’s likely you will may need to delay your big day until you get what you want – there goes your quick wedding!

Be Realistic

Many custom wedding dresses have at least a six-month lead time, the best vendors can be booked years in advance, and if you want bespoke little details or custom-made centrepieces you’ll need to look for expedited services and make some compromises where necessary. When speaking to vendors or making appointments, make sure they understand the tight timeline. Look for bridal boutiques that offer off-the-rack dresses or opt for a non-traditional wedding dress from a retail store. Ask suppliers and about cancellations, you never know, you might get really lucky with who is available on your date. Shop locally for décor and accessories so you won't have to wait weeks for them to arrive.

Keep It Simple

Almost anything can be pulled off in a short time frame if you have a wedding planner and a limitless budget, but for most brides-to-be the easiest way to pull off a fast wedding is to minimise the bells and whistles and keep it simple. The more you customise your day or the more frills you add, the more time, money and organisation that will be involved.

Choose One Venue

If you can have your ceremony and reception in the one location, you won't have to coordinate dates and times between multiple sites which will make finding a date in the near future much easier. If there’s a reception venue that you just have to have, but they don’t have the space to accommodate the ceremony too, wedding marquee hire could be a great option. As long as they have an outdoor space on the property, you might be able to create an all-inclusive venue for your big day.

Think Outside the Box

It’s unlikely you will be able to secure the top vendors in your area so close to your desired wedding date, but that shouldn’t matter if you are prepared to be a little creative.

Can’t find a caterer? See if your favourite local restaurant can cater and serve the foods you love buffet-style. Purchase your beer and wine in bulk and hire a folding bar table and set up your own bar. For a professional touch you could enlist the service of a bartending student to serve for the night.

DJ or band unavailable? Skip them altogether and play your favourite music through Bluetooth speakers from your smart phone or tablet – you can even get guests to take turns at picking songs throughout the night.

Florists all booked out? Visit your local flower market and DIY some simple table arrangements and see if a florist can do the main items such as the bridal bouquets.

Custom cake going to take too long? Order a standard cake from a bakery and add a unique cake"padding-top:10px;"

Enlist Some Help

Planning a wedding in a short space of time means you need all the help you can get. Ask a professional wedding hire supplier for advice on current trends and styling and take advantage of friends and family who offer to help by delegating certain tasks to them. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming so lean on your loved ones for help and support.

For High Quality, Cost-Effective Wedding Hire, Canberra Locals Trust Barlens

Planning a fun and memorable wedding all comes down to being organised and decisive, collaborating with reliable vendors and understanding your priorities, and while many brides would shy away from planning a wedding in a short timeframe, it certainly can be done in a seamless and stress-free manner. For a great range of wedding party supplies, browse our products online now or get in touch with our friendly team. Industry leaders in the event hire business for over 50 years, we have extensive knowledge and can help with all the supplies you need to create the perfect celebration.

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