Spoil Your Guests with a Signature Wedding Cocktail

Spoil Your Guests with a Signature Wedding Cocktail

From craft beers to beautiful local bubbles, beverages are an important part of every wedding event. If you want to include a spirit, or something a little bit special, why not consider a signature cocktail? Whether it’s a “Mai Tai The Knot”, a “Mint To Be Mojito”, or something you have carefully curated, a delicious signature cocktail can make your big day truly memorable. Here’s a few helpful hints for choosing a cocktail to add to your wedding menu.

Pay tribute to your wedding's location

You can do this by using local ingredients or flavours. For example, country destinations are often known for their fresh produce, so consider incorporating fruity flavours and fresh herbs that are grown nearby. For coastal locations, you might want to think about citrus, and sunrise style drinks. For a more tropical destination, pineapple and tropic fruits would be the ingredients of choice.

Use your love story as inspiration.

Model your drink after your first date night. Did you eat pizza and drink red wine? Sangria might be a great option! Or, if you share a love of a particular destination, song, movie, or television series, that's an opportunity to personalise your drink as well – Singapore Slings, French Martinis, or a Sex and City style Cosmopolitan. You could also incorporate details from each of your families, such as or drinks traditionally served at family functions.

Consult your caterer.

They have the experience of serving countless weddings, so they know what works. If you have no idea about cocktails, don’t worry! Professional caterers and bar staff are highly experienced at creating crowd-pleasing cocktails.

Simply choose your favourite drink.

If you love to unwind with a Whiskey Sour, share it with your loved ones! It's a small but creative way to make your guests feel more connected to you.

Wedding Cocktail Inspiration

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to come up with a new concoction, there’s so many classic cocktails that you can put your own spin on. Some crowd-pleasing sips include:

The Spritz

Refreshing and sophisticated, a spritz-style cocktail is perfect for summer weddings. Go classic with the ever-popular Aperol Spritz or change it up with a different coloured spirit to match your colour palette. Bubbly, bright, and not too sweet, Spritzes are simple to make and they show up beautifully in wedding snaps.

The Mojito

Another refreshing summer cocktail that will please almost any guest is the Mojito. You can opt for the traditional style with vibrant pops of green from fresh lime wedges coupled with the delicate aroma of mint. Alternatively you can select a berry Mojito or even a passionfruit flavour – there’s many variations of the Mojito and any one will be sure to add some wow factor to your wedding.

The Margarita

The Margarita has all the elements you could want in a signature cocktail – salty, zingy, refreshing, and inherently celebratory. Go traditional with a classic lime flavour, or change it up with one of the countless modern spins— watermelon, passionfruit, peach…whatever suits your taste!

The Espresso Martini

Needing no introduction, the Espresso Martini is made with freshly brewed espresso – the perfect hit of energy for those guests who intend to dance all night long!

Things to Consider

  • The booze factor - Cocktails are fun but often contain lots of flavour which can mask the alcohol. Think about keeping the potency low or introducing cocktails later in the reception. Responsible serving of alcohol should be kept in mind.
  • Your budget – Adding a cocktail may add a considerable amount to your catering costs, so make sure you discuss this with your venue. If a fancy cocktail is out of the budget, consider a simple Mimosa which is just bubbles and a dash of orange juice.
  • A booze-free option – Almost all cocktails can be made sans alcohol, so why not ask your bar tenders to whip up some virgin cocktails so that even those who choose not to drink alcohol can celebrate in style!

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