The Humble Dining Table

The Humble Dining Table

The end and beginning of each year can be a truly exciting time, shared with those who matter most. A time where guests come and go all season long, resulting in logger hours sitting around the true hub of a home, our humble dining table.

Under appreciated may be one word for it as our dining tables go through lots in a year. While the concept of the traditional table may have flown out the window for some, this is the space where stories are shared, along with laughs and multiple glasses of wine. A space where you gather for meals or catch up with friends over a cuppa. The space where you have shared some serious discussions but with that said you have shared almost triple that in smiles.

Why not celebrate a zone that has the ability to bring everyone together this festive season? This is a space that you can use to truly embrace yourself or the family when you have guests over during the Christmas period.

We have all of the gear to get you started to ensure that you are covered for each guest that sits down for a meal, or just pops in for a visit.

  1. The ever so trusty trestle table has the ability to extend any table that is already in place, making room everyone.
  2. Adding a few chairs that will sustain the toosh for the many hours that you spend catching up with everyone.
  3. Cutlery, crockery and glassware to ensure everyone enjoys a nice glass of bubbly as you toast to the year that was.
  4. And finally, we have the table cloths, napkins and serving sets that will give your table the finishing touches it may need.



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