The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Corporate Event

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great way to build a community within a company, boost morale, fundraise or promote a product. A lot of planning is involved to ensure an informative, innovative and memorable event so it’s important you plan efficiently and be organised. Start out with the basic information such as budget and estimated number of guests, then you can move on to the finer details. If you are planning a corporate event, these steps will help you with the planning process and help you throw a successful event that runs smoothly and gets everyone talking.

Determine the Objective

The first step is to define the objective of your event, that is determine who your guests will be what it is that you are setting out to achieve. Whether you are looking to incentivise your staff or if you are looking to attain or entertain new customers or clients, the focal point of the event should be the attendees and their expectations. Once you have your target audience sorted, this will help you choose speakers, catering, entertainment and the venue. 

Set a Realistic Budget

When setting a budget, it is easy to go overboard and underestimate how much things actually cost, so when estimating expenses, err on the conservative side. Be realistic with your expectations, if you have a small allocation for music then trying to book a live band will only lead to disappointment. Also remember to negotiate rates with vendors, especially if it is a fundraising event. Determining a realistic budget will help you allocate adequate funds to all aspects of the event, such as food, entertainment, venue hire and decorations ensuring you achieve the desired atmosphere without overspending.

Find the Perfect Venue

Although you may want to secure the hottest venue in town, it’s important to choose a venue that your guests will enjoy and appreciate. Keep your budget in mind, but also make sure all the necessities are provided. Before you go to look at potential venues, write down a list of practical details you will need answers to such as:

  • Guest capacity
  • Catering
  • Accessibility
  • Entertainment options
  • Bump in and bump out times
  • Security
  • On-site event coordination

When visiting potential venues, it’s also a good idea to ask them if they have any recommendations, as often there will be something you may have forgotten. Finally, see if they have a gallery of images of previous similar events as this will help you visualise how your event will turn out.

Choose a Theme

The venue will help set the tone for the event, however also consider a theme. An original and inventive theme boosts excitement and helps create an experience your guests will remember for years to come. It’s a good idea to pick a theme that is connected to your company, whether it is a core value of the business, or even a present goal. Selecting the right theme will create a cohesive event, get guests involved and make the message you are communicating memorable.

Style with Furniture and Décor to Create the Right Ambience

Bring your event to life by styling with unique furniture and décor pieces that tie in with your theme. If you have hired a marquee or have a blank space to work with then it’s a great idea to consult with a party hire equipment company that can supply all of your requirements. Styling options are endless, so be creative! A modern garden party could be brought to life with bright pops of colour, umbrellas, rattan furniture and plenty of greenery. For a glamorous gala dinner or awards night, go for dark opulent tones, sophisticated décor pieces and metallic accents. Have fun with the styling, creating a fun and memorable experience for your guests is your aim.

Create a Buzz

Try to dedicate a large chunk of time to marketing and advertising of your event to generate excitement. Events with consistent and exciting advertising and marketing campaigns will always stand out so create a buzz early in the process to keep guests excited before they even attend.

One of the easiest, most effective and most budget friendly ways of promoting your event is via social media. Create hype in the lead up to your event by sharing updates and even invest in a social media influencer who can help to boost exposure for you. During and after the event, you can also share highlights, updates, thank guests and ask for feedback.

Network and Enjoy the Event

When the event finally rolls around, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You are the one that has put in the effort to organise the event so relax and allow yourself to enjoy the festivities, however keep in mind the aim of the event so greet guests and prospects, make meaningful connections, introduce guests to your colleagues and check in on guests to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

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