Things to Consider When Planning a Big Birthday Bash

Things to Consider When Planning a Big Birthday Bash

There’s nothing quite as exciting as planning a birthday party. From an exhilarating 18th to well-deserved 100th, deciding on the theme, decorations, catering and entertainment makes the days leading up to the event seem like part of the celebration. At Barlens, we are the local choice for party hire in the Goulburn area and we have been helping Australians throw memorable parties and events with high quality marquees, chair hire and party supplies since 1965. Planning a birthday party takes a little thought and consideration, so here’s a few things that are important in creating the ultimate celebration.

Day and Time

It may seem obvious, but choosing the wrong day and time for your party can affect guest attendance and their behaviour. Parties on Sunday nights or week nights or even mid-week public holidays may seem like a good idea especially if your actual birthday falls on that day, however expect your guests to leave early or not be in the full part spirit if they are working the following day. Also opt for an age appropriate time. A 18th birthday may start in the evening with guests partying into the night, whereas an afternoon event may be more conducive to older adults and those with young children.

Venue Size

If the venue is too big, you will struggle to create a party atmosphere. If it’s too small, guests will feel cramped and uncomfortable, while too many rooms will make guests feel disconnected. It is important to match the venue size to the approximate number of guests. Marquee hire is a great solution, not only can you choose any location that you want to host your party, you can adjust the size of your marquee according to your guest list. You can also incorporate lighting, furniture and decoration rental to create the perfect ambience.

Food and Beverages

Not enough food and all guests will remember is the trip through the drive-thru on the way home, the wrong type of food can cause mess and serving issues. If you are serving a meal, ensure you have enough places for guests to sit and eat comfortably, if you are having a cocktail event, ensure food is circulated regularly and guests have access to stools and a folding bar table to rest their drinks and nibbles. When it comes to drinks, an exciting drink option like a signature cocktail will make your party unique, while having beverages that are not cold enough can be unpleasant, especially on a hot day.


If there’s too much seating, it may impact the energy of the party, but you do need to ensure enough chairs for guests to sit and rest their feet between dances, or incorporate a lounge area for relaxing whilst still allowing guests to mingle. Bar stools and bar tables can be scattered for cocktail events, and outdoor furniture should be considered for those guests who like to step outside for fresh air. It’s also important to consider the average age of your guests, youthful guests are less likely to need as many seating options as elderly guests.


Music is the soundtrack of your party. Having the right music is really important and creates an energetic party atmosphere. Guests who are up and dancing will stay longer, whereas bored guests will usually go home early. Whether you go all out with a live band or DJ or stick to playing tunes off your Smart Phone, getting the music selection right (as well as the volume) will ensure a party to remember.

Ultimately, while a birthday party is all about you, if you focus your event planning on creating an exciting and enjoyable experience for your guests, the better the party will be. You will have a lot more fun at your birthday bash if your guests are partying the night away and aren’t itching to leave!

Planning a party is fun, however, it can also be stressful and overwhelming if don’t have much party planning experience. For expert advice on the best marquees, hire of furniture and catering equipment, guidance on chair hire or general help with event planning, speak to a friendly Barlens team member today. Get in touch online, visit us in store or call us on 02 6206 2020 (Canberra) / 02 6043 0605 (Albury).

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