Things to Remember When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Things to Remember When Planning Your Dream Wedding

If you’ve gotten engaged recently, no doubt you are starting to think about how you might want your wedding to look, who you want to invite, where you want to have it and all the other important and exciting decisions that will make the day perfect. At Barlens, we have over 50 years’ experience in the event hire business and we have helped with wedding supplies for thousands of spectacular weddings throughout NSW. Here’s our advice on things you may not have thought about when planning your big day.

Select Your Venue Before Making Any Other Decisions

It might be tempting to start planning the rest of your wedding day while you are still trawling through perspective venues, however, it is best to lock in your venue before you plan anything else. Why is this important? Sometimes, the venue will have certain rules or regulations that stipulate certain services. For example, it would be a disaster if you already hired your dream wedding band, only to find that your venue doesn’t have the space or won’t allow it. Additionally, sometimes the things you may have envisioned for your wedding before you select the venue just won’t work logistically or the wedding supplies you have purchased to tie in with your anticipated theme won’t look at home in the venue.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Up and Ask for Extras

Your wedding vendors should be trusted experts during the planning process so when working with them, you should feel free to really explore what it is you want, whether that’s substituting pre-dinner canapes or a late-night snack or asking your wedding supplies vendor to source a particular style of chair that will match in with your theme better. Don’t be shy about requesting an extra hour of cocktails or for your photographer to throw in some additional prints at no extra cost. Most vendors will happily give you a few added perks to secure the reservation, especially if your wedding is in the off-peak season. You should feel like you can have an honest conversation with your vendors and suppliers about what it is you want.

Consider Your Kids Policy

When it comes to children at weddings, you have a few choices. You can welcome children with open arms, have a strict adults-only event, you can include children of immediate family or you can hire a child care service to provide care at either at the reception space, in a hotel room or at a family member's home. Whatever you decide, make sure you make the message clear so guests have time to arrange their own babysitting if needed. To prevent hurt feelings, it's wise to avoid allowing some families to bring children while excluding others unless, the children are in your bridal party.

Choosing Local Vendors and Wedding Supply Services

When it comes to florists, caterers, photographers and other wedding supplies such as furniture and décor, sourcing locally will ultimately save you lots of time, stress and even money. By using local services, there’s a much higher chance that things will go smoothly on the big day. If your wedding furniture is coming from hours away or your hairdresser is coming from interstate, there’s a risk that they be delayed which could spell disaster and they will also undoubtedly charge more for their services due to the distance they need to travel.

Schedule the Setup

You must make sure there's ample time allocated to the wedding ceremony and reception set-up. Ask your venue what time set-up can commence and advise your vendors the time they are allowed in. See if they can do it the day before, or at the very least the entire wedding day, before the event starts. It will pay to call your florist, caterers and event hire company a week before the big day to confirm timings, this will ensure all your wedding supplies arrive in time and are set up perfectly for the event.

If you are looking for a wedding supply company to partner with for your special day, Barlens is your number one choice. We have all the wedding supplies you need to make your day a beautiful and memorable event. Whether you are planning a large lavish reception or a small intimate affair, cocktail party or sit down dinner, Barlens can help you celebrate in style. Call us today.

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