Tiny Weddings – the Next Big Wedding Trend

Tiny Weddings – the Next Big Wedding Trend

From extended family members and family friends to old friends, new friends and even work friends, in previous years it was expected that almost everyone you knew should be on the guest list at your wedding. Recently, there has been a big shift towards much smaller and more intimate weddings, and while this trend may have stemmed from the recent social distancing restrictions implemented across the country, there are actually many benefits in choosing to share your big day with only your nearest and dearest. At Barlens, we are one of Australia’s leading event hire companies and we specialise in supplying equipment and décor for memorable weddings across ACT, NSW and VIC. A great wedding doesn’t have to be a big and extravagant event, let’s take a look a few reasons why tiny weddings will be trendy well into the years ahead.


There’s no denying that weddings can be very expensive, with most often costing the same as a house deposit! One of the easiest ways to cut costs is to reconsider your guest list, and only have those closest to you in attendance. Catering and event hire costs be will cheaper, you’ll need a smaller venue, fewer decorations and favours, and you’ll spend less on the bar. Even if you aren’t on a shoestring budget, having a tiny wedding means your money will stretch much further and may even allow you to put some money into the honeymoon fund.

You Can Include More Special Details

An intimate wedding allows you greater opportunity to add personality and special details into the proceedings. With fewer guests, you will be able to give them a truly unforgettable experience by including personalised, bespoke touches that might not have been possible had your guest list been larger. From hand-painted place cards to carefully considered gift bags or favours, not having to skimp on the details due to budget or time constraints will mean you can have a wedding that exceeds your dreams without it costing a small (or large) fortune.

Allows for More Quality Time with Guests

A small wedding enables you to interact with all guests on a more intimate level, making everyone feel included and special. At most weddings, there’s barely time for guests to say a quick hello and goodbye to the bride and groom. With a hundred or more guests, it is almost impossible to spend any more than a couple of minutes with everyone you have invited. Spending the entire reception moving from table to table is exhausting and means you may miss out enjoying the day and not even noticing the details you’ve spent months or years planning.

Keep the Party Going

Just because you choose to have a tiny wedding doesn't mean you can’t celebrate with your extended friends and family that weren’t able to attend. Throw a more casual party like a backyard barbeque or picnic in the park so you can catch up and celebrate with those people in the days or weeks after your wedding. Another great option is plan your honeymoon around visiting friends or family that are interstate or overseas, continuing the celebrations and spending quality time with everyone you love separately.

Tiny weddings are a smart way to tie the knot, with less money and less stress, and more quality time with your nearest and dearest. If you are planning a wedding, consider scaling it back and having a small, intimate affair with those closest to you. A tiny wedding doesn’t mean you have to scale back the glamour or luxury, at Barlens, we have beautiful range of event hire equipment for wedding of all sizes, from small marquees to premium tableware and stylish décor, we have everything you need to bring maximum impact to your minimalist wedding. To find out more about our event hire options, get in touch with our team today online or by calling (02) 6206 2020 or (02) 6043 0605.

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