Tips for Keeping Your Event Marquee Warm and Cosy in Winter

Tips for Keeping Your Event Marquee Warm and Cosy in Winter

Winter weddings and events can present unique challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining a comfortable and warm atmosphere inside a tent or marquee. With the right planning and preparation, it’s easy to create a cosy and inviting space that shields your guests from the winter chill. As specialists in party and event hire, Canberra’s Barlens can help create the perfect setting for your big occasion regardless of the season. Here we will explore some effective tips to keep your marquee warm during winter, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone.

Choose the Right Marquee

Marquees are the ideal choice for winter events as you long as you select one that offers insulation and weatherproof features. High-quality, insulated marquees with double-layered walls and roofs provide better temperature control and help retain heat effectively. Ensure that the marquee you select also has proper sealing to minimise drafts to prevent cold air from entering the space.

Consider Your Heating Options

Marquees of all sizes can be heated effectively it just takes the right heating for the space. There’s several heat sources you can use:

Portable Heaters - Portable electric or gas-powered heaters that are suitable for outdoor use can be strategically placed around the marquee to distribute warmth evenly. Ensure they are placed safely, away from flammable materials and are well-ventilated to avoid any health hazards.

Radiant Heating - Consider using radiant heating solutions such as patio heaters or infrared heaters. These heat sources directly warm objects and people within their proximity, providing targeted warmth. Place them strategically to create warm zones within the marquee, focusing on seating areas or gathering spots.

Fire Pits – Nothing adds warmth quite like a crackling open fire. While they might best left outside the marquee, they are perfect for creating cosy gathering spots outdoors, so you can still have the classic indoor/outdoor event even if in the depths of winter. If you’re considering fire pits, safety will need to be a priority. Ask your local event hire company for expert guidance.

Insulation and Draught Prevention

There are a few ways in which to boost insulation throughout your marquee.

  • Insulated Wall and Ceiling Linings - These additional layers provide extra insulation and help trap heat inside. Insulating materials, such as foam panels or thermal curtains, can be attached to the interior walls and ceiling, minimising heat loss and drafts.
  • Flooring – Foam or rubber floor mats or carpet flooring can help prevent cold air from seeping through. Thicker carpets with padding underneath provide better insulation and a more comfortable walking surface for your guests.

Seal Openings and Entrances

All openings and entrances should be adequately sealed to prevent drafts and minimise cold air infiltration. Door seals and draft excluders can be placed around the marquee's entrances to trap warm air inside. You may also like to consider utilising temporary doorways or vestibules to create an airlock between the inside and outside, helping to retain warmth when guests enter or exit.

Lighting Considerations

While they may not add heat directly to the space, warmer lighting options such as warm-coloured fairy lights or LED light bulbs play a big part in creating a cosy ambience. Avoid using bright, cool-toned lights as they can create a cold and uninviting feel. Candles are a great addition that will increase warmth whilst creating a romantic and whimsical vibe.

Efficient Space Management

Optimise the layout of your event space to promote warmth and comfort. You can do this by arranging seating areas closer to heating sources, ensuring guests are within range of the heaters. Create cosy corners with lounges or comfortable seating, and add blankets, and pillows, encouraging guests to gather in warm spots.

It’s easier than you may think to create a warm and comfortable environment inside an event marquee during the winter season. It’s best to consult with professionals if you have any concerns or questions regarding heating equipment or insulation installations. With careful planning, your winter event will be a cosy and enjoyable experience for all guests in attendance.

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