Top 5 steps to party success

Top 5 steps to party success

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There are a few things every great party has in common. At Barlens we call these the five steps to party success.

Why? Because planning out these five steps in advance will ensure your event is a hit!

  1. Structure

The best place to start is with your structure. Do you want to be fully enclosed? Or open to the outdoors? Marquees are the most popular structure; they are versatile and come in a variety of sizes to suit most needs. Canopies and umbrellas are also great options if you’re looking for a more outdoor vibe.

  1. Furniture

Deck out your party with furniture for a practical and decorative atmosphere. Tables and seating are important, but furniture can also include fun items like a pop up bar and a red carpet!

  1. Lighting

The next step is to create the perfect lighting. Not only does adequate lighting ensure none of your guests are tripping over – but it can help set the mood, tie in a theme, and illuminate a dance floor.

  1. Heating & Cooling

Depending on what time of year you’re hosting your party, you may need to consider heating and cooling options. Not only do your guests need to stay comfortable, but you don’t want any cool food getting warm or vice versa!

  1. Catering

Top it all off with catering to keep everyone full and merry! Need some ideas on feeding the masses? Check out our inspiration blog here. For feeding your guests you need crockery, cutlery, platters, glassware and other bar accessories – but don’t worry you can hire them all (and that way you don’t need to do any washing up!).

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