Transforming your backyard into a destination party

Transforming your backyard into a destination party

You don’t need to look far to find the perfect party destination – the humble backyard!

Not convinced? Here are some tips on transforming your backyard into the perfect party destination.

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Create new space

Make use of small tents, marquees and umbrellas to create different spaces in your backyard. Not only do they provide shade and shelter, but can be used to define different areas within the entertaining space.

This can be easily complemented by what you already have – natural trees, flowers and foliage create a nice backdrop. You can also consider popping up some fences or separations for some privacy and noise reduction.


Lighting really can transform an area. Get creative with strings of fairy lights throughout the trees or run a string of lights under a deck rail for a magical glow. Tea lights and paper lanterns can also create a soft ambiance, or opt for floodlights and outdoor lamps for a well-lit area.


Outdoor furniture is great for entertaining, but this doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional wicker or metal settings. Hammocks, lounges, picnic rugs and throw pillows can jazz up an ordinary space and provide creative seating options to cater for all guests.


Catering for guests? Don’t be tucked away inside missing out on your own party. It’s easy to bring the kitchen outside with a good barbeque, food platters or bay marie’s with food you’ve prepared earlier.

Having a buffet style food and drink stations allows everyone to help them self and encourages easy mingling.

Temporary flooring

If the ground isn’t looking to great, there are a few ways to disguise any rough patches. You can lay down a temporary dance floor or deck tiles, or utilise some picnic blankets and rugs in the dry season.


There are heaps of options for music in the backyard to suit all budgets. The easiest thing to do is create an awesome playlist that you can play through your laptop or a small set of speakers. If you’ve got the space and budget you can hire a sound system and a local DJ or band. Alternatively, if you have some talented friends invite them to bring their instrument for an impromptu jam session!


From giant Jenga, chess and scrabble to lawn bowls and croquet… the outdoor options are endless!

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