Why We're Building a Showroom

Why We're Building a Showroom


Barlens has been busy rebuilding from the 2014 fire that took out most of our shopfront, and are delighted to be launching our new showroom very soon!

“When we complete the rebuild after the fire, you’ll have a showroom where people can walk through and see all our products on offer,” explains CEO Peter Taylor.

Visitors to Barlens will be able to view some of our featured products, providing a chance to visualise the right setup for your event, working with on-site staff to make product selections for corporate and personal parties alike!

Here are our top 3 reasons why having a showroom is so important:

  1. Creating a hands-on experience

Our showroom is all about creating an experience for our clients.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, nothing beats the hands-on experience that a showroom provides.

“A showroom is really a point of difference in getting people in to see, feel, and touch” explains Operations Manager Greg Whittle.

“I believe this is the right way to express our product because you can have a look at photos and you can have a look at websites, but it’s not the actual thing. You’ll be able to see true colours and sizes that photos often distort and feel the textures of the many products. I’m a very strong believer in being able to do this so you know what you’re going to get.”


  1. Providing timely advice

Our on-floor staff have seen a few parties in their time, and will be able to help you out with any questions, queries or requests on the spot. We’re also happy to offer our opinion on what you might need for your special event!

“We love to throw in a few opinions" says Isaac Taylor from the sales team. "At times there are some bizarre requests but we like to talk clients through the process and help them to visualise what will look good. The new showroom will be a big help in doing this.”

  1. Inspiration

Looking for inspiration?

Our showroom aims to provide creative fuel for your event, demonstrating some of the unique ways our range of hire marquees and equipment can be used. We know that there is no limit to creativity and hope that you find our showroom useful for your tough starters!

If you already have a concept in mind, that’s fantastic! Our showrooms can help give you ideas regarding the kinds of products you need to bring your ideas to life.


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