Innovation in exhibitions
03 Sep 2021

Innovation in exhibitions – all you need to know about FOGA

The BEX team are committed to innovation in the exhibitions industry, that’s why we’ve acquired the Australian rights to the FOGA Exhibition Panel System. Our team are experts in the design, installation and use of the FOGA system. What’s FOGA you ask? Read on to find out more about the system and how it can take your exhibition to the next level.

Developed in Sweden, FOGA is an innovative panelling system used for exhibition booths, stands, and displays. It’s the world’s most flexible, versatile, and attractive exhibition panel system, featuring anodized aluminium frames and panels which seamlessly connect via an innovative coupling system.

Limitless Branding Opportunities

Each panel on the FOGA system is fully customisable and available for branding opportunities. Whether you’d like to attach signage and marketing material to the Velcro compatible walls, or have your imagery and branding displayed via infill panels, the limit is only in your imagination.

Versatility at its core

FOGA is the most versatile exhibition panelling solution, with any configuration of panels and joints possible. The system can be used to create inviting booths, stylish stands, simple display structures and much, much more. Why not add some extra panels to your booth to partition an intimate seating area or add some extra branding opportunities?

Simple to use

How many exhibition panelling systems require only an Allan key and can be assembled and dismantled in record time? Just one, and that’s FOGA. A 3x2m booth can be fully erect in just 10 minutes. The system is set up and dismantled without nails or screws, making it not only a quick set up, but a quiet one too.

We can show you how to get the most out of your exhibition with FOGA.

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