March Wedding: Brierley + Steve

Back in March, the Barlens team had the pleasure of assisting with Brierley and Steve’s wedding. This beautiful couple was such a treasure to work with and their love for each other was touching.

The couple met at university in Christchurch, and with their jovial personalities, the connection was instant. After quite some time, the couple decided to make it official- committing, sharing and celebrating their love for each other in front of 60 people who matter the most to them, and indulging in some delicious cake.

The momentous occasion was relaxed and intimate. They started at the Yale-Columbia Dome, Mt Stromlo Observatory, and finished at Hotel Realm- two venues that perfectly matched their style. The observatory remains a scarred shell of the Yale-Columbia dome and is now an evocative reminder of the ferocity of the 2003 firestorm. This was complimented with minimal decorations and natural colours and textures. The couple used whites with 50 iconic chiavari chairs, a modern wooden easel, glassware from our breeze range and bunches of eucalyptus to soften the observatory’s design.

Unfortunately, the rain could not be held off. Brierley and Steve remained unfazed, allowing their good-humoured nature shine through. The rain and the observatory provided a stunning backdrop for beautifully romantic moments.

If you’re planning a wedding and need help pulling it all together, contact the Barlens team or check out our catalogue at

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great way to build a community within a company, boost morale, fundraise or promote a product. A lot of planning is involved to ensure an informative, innovative and memorable event so it’s important you plan efficiently and be organised. Start out with the basic information such as budget and estimated number of guests, then you can move on to the finer details. If you are planning a corporate event, these steps will help you with the planning process and help you throw a successful event that runs smoothly and gets everyone talking.

Determine the Objective

The first step is to define the objective of your event, that is determine who your guests will be what it is that you are setting out to achieve. Whether you are looking to incentivise your staff or if you are looking to attain or entertain new customers or clients, the focal point of the event should be the attendees and their expectations. Once you have your target audience sorted, this will help you choose speakers, catering, entertainment and the venue. 

Set a Realistic Budget

When setting a budget, it is easy to go overboard and underestimate how much things actually cost, so when estimating expenses, err on the conservative side. Be realistic with your expectations, if you have a small allocation for music then trying to book a live band will only lead to disappointment. Also remember to negotiate rates with vendors, especially if it is a fundraising event. Determining a realistic budget will help you allocate adequate funds to all aspects of the event, such as food, entertainment, venue hire and decorations ensuring you achieve the desired atmosphere without overspending.

Find the Perfect Venue

Although you may want to secure the hottest venue in town, it’s important to choose a venue that your guests will enjoy and appreciate. Keep your budget in mind, but also make sure all the necessities are provided. Before you go to look at potential venues, write down a list of practical details you will need answers to such as:

  • Guest capacity
  • Catering
  • Accessibility
  • Entertainment options
  • Bump in and bump out times
  • Security
  • On-site event coordination

When visiting potential venues, it’s also a good idea to ask them if they have any recommendations, as often there will be something you may have forgotten. Finally, see if they have a gallery of images of previous similar events as this will help you visualise how your event will turn out.

Choose a Theme

The venue will help set the tone for the event, however also consider a theme. An original and inventive theme boosts excitement and helps create an experience your guests will remember for years to come. It’s a good idea to pick a theme that is connected to your company, whether it is a core value of the business, or even a present goal. Selecting the right theme will create a cohesive event, get guests involved and make the message you are communicating memorable.

Style with Furniture and Décor to Create the Right Ambience

Bring your event to life by styling with unique furniture and décor pieces that tie in with your theme. If you have hired a marquee or have a blank space to work with then it’s a great idea to consult with a party hire equipment company that can supply all of your requirements. Styling options are endless, so be creative! A modern garden party could be brought to life with bright pops of colour, umbrellas, rattan furniture and plenty of greenery. For a glamorous gala dinner or awards night, go for dark opulent tones, sophisticated décor pieces and metallic accents. Have fun with the styling, creating a fun and memorable experience for your guests is your aim.

Create a Buzz

Try to dedicate a large chunk of time to marketing and advertising of your event to generate excitement. Events with consistent and exciting advertising and marketing campaigns will always stand out so create a buzz early in the process to keep guests excited before they even attend.

One of the easiest, most effective and most budget friendly ways of promoting your event is via social media. Create hype in the lead up to your event by sharing updates and even invest in a social media influencer who can help to boost exposure for you. During and after the event, you can also share highlights, updates, thank guests and ask for feedback.

Network and Enjoy the Event

When the event finally rolls around, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You are the one that has put in the effort to organise the event so relax and allow yourself to enjoy the festivities, however keep in mind the aim of the event so greet guests and prospects, make meaningful connections, introduce guests to your colleagues and check in on guests to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

Are you planning a corporate event and need expert advice or party hire equipment? At Barlens, we have a diverse range of party hire equipment that can help bring your vision to life. From large marquees to bespoke furniture and décor items we have everything you need. We partner with businesses and brands of all sizes to help create successful and memorable corporate events. Contact our experienced team today.

How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

Winter is just around the corner and while it may not seem the ideal time to host an event, there’s no need to wait until the warmer months. From weddings, to outdoor parties, family gatherings or corporate functions, by using the right tent, you can make your event memorable and fun for all of your guests, no matter what mother nature throws at you. With our selection of outdoor tents for hire at Barlens, you can host the perfect event rain, hail or shine. We offer some of the best quality tents that you can find in NSW so here’s our best tips for choosing the right tent for your next event:

Consider The Event Space and Location

You will need to know how much space you have available to have a tent set up, this will determine both the size and style of tent you can hire. The space available needs to be free from obstructions, such as buildings, trees, fencing, and anything that is overhead and also needs to have a few feet of extra space to accommodate the tent stakes or weights. Is your event surface concrete or grass? On a concrete surface the tent can be secured with weights or barrels, but on a grass surface stakes will need to go into the ground. If this is the case, you need to check if your venue will allow for staking into the ground and if they will allow this, there should not be any hazards, such as electrical, gas, or water lines directly underneath the surface.

How Many Guest Will Be Attending the Event?

This is one of the most important things you’ll need to know in order to get the tent size right. Once you have determined this, you will also need to advise if you have other items that need space, such as additional tables for catering and gifts, a dance floor, a band or DJ area, and a bar or lounge area as these will need to be taken into consideration to allow for a comfortable layout and flow. If you can tell us the layout you wish to have that includes how the tables are set up and/or if you only require seating our team can help determine the perfect size tent for you.

What Type of Event Are You Hosting?

Is it a wedding, corporate function, or backyard party? Is it a cocktail function, sit down dinner or a dance party? The type of event that you are hosting is going to determine a suitable structure for the day or night. A small, intimate affair or backyard party will suit a smaller structure, such as a 6 metre tent with batwing gable. If hosting a large corporate or public event, you may want to consider a branded marquee to stand out from the crowd or if it’s a wedding you might want to up the wow factor with polished floors, ceiling drapery and a verandah.

Consider The Outside Elements

Tents come with or without sidewalls. If you decide to have sidewalls added, these help with keeping the wind, rain and cold outside maximising the comfort of your guests. Depending on the severity of outside weather conditions, you can determine how much or how little sidewall you want to put up, enclosing your tent. If the weather is nice, you can keep the breeze flowing through the tent by eliminating the sidewalls. There are multiple styles of sidewalls available including solid white, French arch, clear, or coloured.

No matter if your event is big or small, on a sprawling country property or in your own backyard, look no further than Barlens for the perfect tent hire. If you know exactly what you need or if you would prefer a little advice, our team is ready and waiting to help you make the right tent selection. Call us today or visit one of our two convenient locations in Canberra or Albury.

Choosing the Right Decorations for Your Wedding

The right wedding decorations will personalize your ceremony and reception spaces, and create an atmosphere that is unique to your event. From flowers to centrepieces, chair covers and place cards there’s so many decorative details to plan, but before you decide on the type of decorations you would like, you will need to determine a theme or colour scheme for your wedding. A wedding theme should reflect your true personality as a couple and should pull every wedding element, from the venue to the tiniest details, together in a cohesive look. With so much to think about, where do you start?

The Venue

The style of your wedding venue will influence your decorations. If your reception is in an elaborately decorated room, your decorations should be kept simple, but if you are using a plain marquee or function room, you can afford to go overboard on the decorations. Pay attention to the features and ambience of the venue, for example a grand ballroom is suitable for glamorous decorations, yet a rustic style winery may require more vintage looking elements. It’s important to tie your decorations into the style and atmosphere of the venue.

Your Budget

The type and extent of your wedding decorations will depend largely on what you can afford. If you are on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to stick to one type of decoration, such as table centrepieces, and make sure these create an impact, rather than spending money on lots of smaller decorations. You could also consider some DIY decorations such, not only are these a great way to save money but they will add a unique, personal touch to the venue.

Consider Your Colour Palette

While it’s important to know the general colours you want, try to be open minded and use the colour palette as a guideline for your wedding decor rather than feeling obligated to have everything match perfectly. This approach will give you the opportunity to have a few accent colours while also adding similar hues to round out your décor. Try to incorporate your favourite colours and those of the groom, this will help to add a more personal feel.

Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Flowers are very versatile and there are many ways they can be used wedding decorations. Try using floral arrangements for the ceremony that can then be transferred to the reception to use as table centrepieces. This is a great, cost effective way to use flowers. Try hanging garlands from the ceiling, wrapping them around beams and pillars for a dramatic look. Flowers add interest and smell great too. Just remember to keep the season in mind, as many flowers are only available at certain times of the year.

Candles and lights

Opting for decorations that not only look great, but add to the ambience of the room or area is great way to get more value for money. Candles are a popular addition to wedding decorations, not only adding warmth and ambience, tea lights and candelabras are a great addition to most themes. Available in a wide variety of colours and generally quite affordable, they can also add a subtle romantic scent to your reception. Fairy lights and decorative string lights can be used both inside and out, adding a magical feel and creating a romantic mood.

Whether your wedding style is contemporary, rustic, romantic or minimalist there’s sure to be decorations that compliment your theme. Whatever the style of wedding you have in mind, Barlens are the wedding hire specialists. We know the secret to having a wonderful wedding is simple – it’s all in the details. Contact us today for all your decorative wedding supplies and let bring your wedding vision to life.

Get inspired for a stylish Easter celebration

If it’s your turn to host family or friends for lunch this Easter, perhaps you want to bring some class and sophistication to your table styling?

It’s time to ditch the gaudy bright colours and the tacky bunnies. Let’s get creative!

Make it instead

There are so many great ways to style eggs as a central theme for your table setting. You can dye them in metallic tints, dip them in varying shades of the one colour, or sprinkle them with glitter.

Or retain their natural hue and use them as name settings or wrap them in cloth. Layer them in vases or across the centre of the table.

Your Easter egg hunt could also draw guests – young and old – into the garden. Get some moulds and create your own Easter chocolate selection. Then scatter your homemade treats amongst the flower beds for all to discover.

Table time

Your table may not be the right size for your number of guests. Consider hiring extra tablesfor both the adults and the kids!

Set the tables up outside if the weather holds out, then drape them in crisp white tablecloths.

Setting the table is easy if you’re prepared. Be sure to hire plenty of glasses, crockery and cutlery, and plan your accessories early.

You can bring in our Tolix chair in yellow, black and white, or if space is tight, try our padded folding chair in white.


Who knew napkins could make such a statement? Scroll Pinterest for oodles of options when it comes to napkin folding. Think sophisticated bunny ears or a soft serviette cushion for a decorated egg.

Keep your colours neutral and soft for an effective display.

A bit of glam

Your Easter table must have flowers. You’ll need an impressive central setting along with some extra twigs or greenery for beyond the table.

For a gorgeous touch of glam, hire our Chiavari chairs in gold.

Host with the most

Table is set. Now you’re ready to welcome your guests. Now, what’s for lunch?

Talk to Barlens today for more inspiration and ideas.

Holiday Hours 2018


Business as usual prior to the 24th of December 2018

Open: Monday 24/12/2018 from 8:30am – 12:00pm

Closed: Tuesday 25/12/2018 through to Tuesday 01/01/2019

Business as usual from the 2nd of January 2019



Business as usual prior to the 24th of December 2018

Closed: Monday 24/12/2018 through to Wednesday 26/12/2018

Open: Thursday 27/12/2018 through to Friday 28/12/2018 from 8:30am – 5:00pm

Closed: Saturday 29/12/2018 through to Tuesday 01/01/2019

Business as usual from the 2nd of January 2019

Barlens Biggest Morning Tea

On Thursday the 31stof May 2018, Canberra’s very own event hire company, Barlens, is hosting a Biggest Morning Tea out of our showroom at 67 Gladstone Street in Fyshwick. Kicking things off from 9am, guests will be greeted with a coffee van on standby to fill the caffeine void, and with a coffee and treats on us we would encourage everyone to pop in and say g’day.

Barlens is a unique business in which we get to be part of the happiness and enjoyment of Canberra and the surrounding community. From weddings and backyard parties to Floriade and the Multicultural Festival, Barlens is there and that is an incredibly rewarding experience.

“After a recent team meeting at our boardroom in Fyshwick,  it was discovered that everyone from the Barlens family had been touched by Cancer in one way or another, it was also agreed that we wanted to do our part in helping to fight for a cure.” Says Barlens Sales Manager, Isaac Taylor

We’re fortunate enough to be surrounded with the excitement of events each and every day so it only seemed right to combine that experience with an awareness/fundraising event that would enable us to give back to the community while fighting for all of those who have been affected by Cancer.

Together, we can help the Cancer Council raise much needed funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs, and advocacy. To find out more about Barlens Biggest Morning Tea or how to get involved search,or visit our website a

Holiday Hours

The Barlens team are wishing you a party filled holiday holiday season. Whether your making your way to the coast or throwing a backyard bash, we hope that you have a safe and happy holiday. Please note that we are closed on the below dates as we take a few days to enjoy the party.


Canberra are closed from

Friday, December 23 from 1pm until Wednesday, December 27

Friday, December 29 from 3pm until Tuesday, January 2


Albury are Closed from

Friday, December 22 from 12noon until Wednesday, December 27

Friday, December 29 from 12noon until Tuesday, January 2


Thank you for another awesome year. We look forward to doing it all again in 2018.

Warm regards,

Team Barlens

Rental Company of the Year

This year saw the Barlens team take home a well-deserved win as the HRIA rental company of the year in the events division. Competing against the rental company’s elite, this was no small feat for the locally owned and grown business operating out of Canberra and Albury for more than 52 years.

The HRIA is the key national industry body representing the $6bn hire and rental industry in Australia. This was the third nomination in five years for Barlens who have been celebrating the win all year long.

“Barlens is a unique business in which we get to be part of the happiness and enjoyment of Canberra and the surrounding community. From weddings and backyard parties to Floriade and the Multicultural Festival, Barlens is there and that is an incredibly rewarding experience”, says Barlens CEO Peter Taylor.

Between two Australian branches and a passionate and committed team, Barlens service the corners, crevices and capitals of the Eastern coast. From Canberra’s famous annual flower festival Floriade to the country’s biggest Field Days at Henty, Barlens have no hesitation in boasting about the ever-changing nature of Australia’s growing event industry.

Every year, every event, Barlens reinvent.

The title of the HRIA Rental Company of the Year – Events Division, is that of the highest honour to any rental organisation within Australia. Barlens success on this occasion has not only fortified their position as industry leaders, but also assured the team that every ounce of hard work contributed was worth it. We have an abundance of team members who work behind the scenes to keep things ticking, and have done for many years, this win was also for them.

A few of our long-standing employees include:

Greg Whittle who joined the team on January 12, 1987

Scott Trevenen who joined the team on July 7, 1987

Adam Kolodziejczyk who joined the team on July 1, 1997

Chris Lenon who joined the team on May 1, 1998

Oscar Lopez who joined the team on May 1, 2000

James Khan who joined the team on September 2, 2008

Shaun Brown who joined the team on September 29, 2008

Delia Henman who joined the team on September 1, 2009

What happened after Barlens was announced as the HRIA rental company for the year for 2017 you may ask? Well, like any good team behind a party, a party we did have. Because at Barlens, we know, Great Parties Live on Forever.



The Humble Dining Table

The end and beginning of each year can be a truly exciting time, shared with those who matter most. A time where guests come and go all season long, resulting in logger hours sitting around the true hub of a home, our humble dining table.

Under appreciated may be one word for it as our dining tables go through lots in a year. While the concept of the traditional table may have flown out the window for some, this is the space where stories are shared, along with laughs and multiple glasses of wine. A space where you gather for meals or catch up with friends over a cuppa. The space where you have shared some serious discussions but with that said you have shared almost triple that in smiles.

Why not celebrate a zone that has the ability to bring everyone together this festive season? This is a space that you can use to truly embrace yourself or the family when you have guests over during the Christmas period.

We have all of the gear to get you started to ensure that you are covered for each guest that sits down for a meal, or just pops in for a visit.

  1. The ever so trusty trestle table has the ability to extend any table that is already in place, making room everyone.
  2. Adding a few chairs that will sustain the toosh for the many hours that you spend catching up with everyone.
  3. Cutlery, crockery and glassware to ensure everyone enjoys a nice glass of bubbly as you toast to the year that was.
  4. And finally, we have the table cloths, napkins and serving sets that will give your table the finishing touches it may need.