Milestone Party

Celebrate your corporate milestone in style

Ready to share your achievements with the world?

Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or you’ve recently hit a new sales target, milestone parties are a fantastic way to recognise growth, reinforce credibility, and build on your personal brand. They also provide an excellent excuse to let your hair down and acknowledge all your hardworking efforts.

What’s your milestone event?

We shouldn’t need an excuse for a celebration, but it certainly helps! Reward customers, clients, and staff if your business is celebrating a particular number of years in operation. Or perhaps you’re recognising a long-term employee’s commitment, a significant new corporate achievement, a rebrand, or even a milestone number of social media followings. Any milestone will do!

Style it with sass

Make it an Insta-worthy event to help grow online traction. Create a big splash with flowers, balloons, posters and a special anniversary cake.

You can roll out the red carpet and use Chrome Barricades to add some VIP sass – for current and former managers or board directors.

Style the venue with a mix of Marque Bar Tables and New York Bar Tables. Then set up either Bentwood Stools or White Arrow Bar Stools, depending on the whether you’re aiming for a classic or contemporary look.

Networking matters

Both Canberra and Albury are often considered well-connected ‘big country towns’. Businesses are proud to see other companies achieve success – it’s good for the region. So, involve your partners, suppliers, staff, family and friends to acknowledge their part in your journey to this milestone.

Pop a few bottles of Moet in classic champagne flutes and line them up on the Tall Glow Bar (which can include your brand logo for extra bang).

Profile your achievement

While it’s great to hear a speech or two from the big wigs, why not invite one of your first customers or suppliers to provide their personal (positive) experience of your business or product? Or capture some photos from years gone by and pin them on a wall, so all guests can reminisce at their leisure.

Be sure to provide a giveaway so your milestone results in more referrals and business opportunities. An event like this can enhance your reach and exposure, particularly via social media, so make the most of it.

Celebrate with our help – talk to Barlens today.

Chrome Barricade
Chrome Barricade
The chrome barricades are ideal for cordoning off VIP events, wedding aisles, red carpets and non-service areas at the bar. Barricades can be used with red velvet rope or white chain which are hired separately.
Bentwood Stools
Bentwood Stools
The Bentwood stool is perfect for adding style and class to your event. Popular for weddings, formal dinners and corporate sit downs, Barlens stock a large quantity to cater for your event, large or small.
Arrow Bar Stool - Rose Gold
Arrow Bar Stool - Rose Gold
Dimensions 0.5m W x 0.5m L x 1.1m H
Red Carpet 3.6m
Red Carpet 3.6m
Formal red carpet measuring 1.2m wide x 6m long. The red carpet is perfect for adding class and excitement to your event. Comonly used for wedding aisles and VIP entryways the red carpet is easily rolled and manouevered for set up. This carpet is specifically for indoor use - carpets are pristinely maintained and stored.

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